About NH4Humanity

New Horizons for Humanity is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization established in February 2015 to aid communities and individuals in need around the world, but with a focus on Cuba, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Greece.  We are based in Portland, OR.  In each area served, we partner with local nonprofit organizations to identify needs and implement aid.In Cuba, we work with Convento Belen, a convent and social services organization in Havana serving senior citizens and special needs children.  We also work with churches and synagogues in Havana and Trinidad.

In Israel, we work with Lasova, which operates soup kitchens, homeless shelters, youth centers and distribution centers for second-hand clothing.

In Jordan, we work with Caritas Jordan.

New Horizons for Humanity founders are intimately familiar with the seven countries of focus, their communities and needs. Through their work in the travel and tourism industry since 1998, the founders have established strong connections in each country and are thereby well positioned to negotiate cultural and political barriers.